The portable-fdsnws-dataselect user guide

  1. Overview
  2. Installing the server
  3. Running the server
  4. Preparing your data for use with server


The portable-fdsnws-dataselect server is an implementation of the International FDSN’s fdsnws-dataselect web service specification. In a nutshell, this server can be used to provide access to a repository of miniSEED formatted data using a standardized web service.

The server requires a data index, as created by mseedindex to serve data from a repository.

Installing the server

Requirements: Python 2.7 or higher, ObsPy and some common modules.

The instructions below identify key programs as /path/to/python/bin/<program>, which should be adjusted to wherever your preferred python setup is located.

[OPTIONAL] Install a dedicated Python

Any version of Python matching the requirements may be used. If you would prefer to have a dedicated Python installation just for the server we recommend installing Miniconda like this:

  1. Download Miniconda for your OS:

  2. Install in a specified directory (miniconda3), e.g. for a macOS and Linux:

     bash Miniconda3-latest-MacOSX-x86_64.sh -p miniconda3 -b
  3. Add the conda-forge channel, install pip and ObsPy:

     miniconda3/bin/conda config --add channels conda-forge
     miniconda3/bin/conda install -y pip obspy

Install the server from PyPI using pip

/path/to/python/bin/pip install portable-fdsnws-dataselect

If you installed Miniconda as illustrated above the command would be miniconda3/bin/pip.

To later upgrade the server to future releases use the following command:

/path/to/python/bin/pip install -U portable-fdsnws-dataselect

Running the server

The server is started by using the /path/to/python/bin/portable-fdsnws-dataselect (e.g. miniconda3/bin/portable-fdsnws-dataselect). But first you must create a server configuration file. The portable-fdsnws-dataselect command will print an example configuration file if the -s option is specified. To get started:

/path/to/python/bin/portable-fdsnws-dataselect -s > server.ini

Next edit the server.ini file, changing values to match your configuration, in particular:

Finally, run the server specifying the config file:

/path/to/python/bin/portable-fdsnws-dataselect server.ini

You should then be able to see the service interface documentation using a web browser with an address like http://ServerHost:ServerPort/, e.g. http://localhost:8080/.

Make sure to look into the server log file (specified in the config file) for errors if things are not working as ex

Preparing your data for use with server

Use the program mseedindex to create a SQLite database containing an index of the miniSEED data you wish to make available through your server. Instructions are available in the Wiki for mseedindex.

This software is a product of the IRIS Data Management Center

The source code repository is here: https://github.com/iris-edu/portable-fdsnws-dataselect