ROVER Configuration

ROVER can be configured via a file, by using command line options, or a combination of the two. Option names are the same in both cases.

File Configuration

ROVER’s configuration file, normally named rover.config, contains all options for a ROVER repository. A default config is created when a ROVER repository is initialized.

By default rover.config is searched for in the current working directory, which allows for ROVER commands to be run without specifying a config file.

To explicitly use a configuration file, the -f or --file option followed by a path to the configuration file can be included when calling ROVER, e.g.:

rover -f /PATH/TO/rover.config

Use a text editor to change option values in the rover.config file. Lines starting with # are comments.

Command Line Configuration

Options can be directly specified on the command line. For example, the verbosity option could be assigned when running ROVER:

rover --verbosity 6 ...

Boolean options follow different syntax when assigned through the command prompt versus a config file. In the terminal, boolean options are interperted as flags, which can be negated by prefixing the option’s name with no-:

rover --web ...


rover --no-web ...

Available options are displayed using rover -h or rover -H, with the later syntax showing the full help with all options.

Default Configuration

Upon initialization of a new repository, ROVER’s default configuration is written to a file named rover.config. ROVER repositories are initialized by running the command:

rover init-repository /PATH/TO/DATAREPO

By default, a repository is arranged in the following structure:

   +- rover.config
   +- leap-seconds.list
   +- logs/
   |  +- ...
   +- data/
   |  +- timeseries.sqlite
   |  +- ...
   +- tmp/
      +- ...

All of these base directory and file locations can be specified using ROVER options.


Name Default Description
help / -h False Show the help message and exit
full-help / -H False Show full help details
version ==SUPPRESS== Show program’s version number and exit
full-config False Initialize with full configuration file
file / -f rover.config Specify configuration file
dev False Development mode (show exceptions)?
delete-files True Delete temporary files?
md-format False Display help in markdown format?
force-cmd False Force cmd use (dangerous)
data-dir data The data directory - data, timeseries.sqlite
timespan-inc 0.5 Fractional increment for starting next timespan (samples)
timespan-tol 0.5 Fractional tolerance for overlapping timespans (samples)
download-retries 3 Maximum number of attempts to download data
download-workers 5 Number of download instances to run
rover-cmd rover Command to run rover
pre-index True Index before retrieval?
ingest True Call ingest after retrieval?
index True Call index after ingest?
post-summary True Call summary after retrieval?
output-format mseed Output data format. Choose from “mseed” (miniSEED) or “asdf” (ASDF)
asdf-filename asdf.h5 Name of ASDF file when ASDF output is specified
station-url Station service url
force-metadata-reload False Force reload of metadata
availability-url Availability service url
dataselect-url Dataselect service url
temp-dir tmp Temporary storage for downloads
temp-expire 1 Number of days before deleting temp files (days)
http-timeout 60 Timeout for HTTP requests (secs)
http-retries 3 Max retries for HTTP requests
force-failures 0 Force failures for testing (dangerous) (percent)
sort-in-python False Avoid OS sort (slower)?
all False Process all files (not just modified)?
recurse True When given a directory, process children?
subscriptions-dir subscriptions Directory for subscriptions
recheck-period 12 Time between availabilty checks (hours)
force-request False Skip overlap checks (dangerous)?
log-dir logs Directory for logs
log-unique False Unique log names (with PIDs)?
log-unique-expire 7 Number of days before deleting unique logs (days)
log-verbosity 4 Log verbosity (0-6)
log-size 10M Maximum log size (e.g. 10M)
log-count 10 Maximum number of logs
verbosity 4 Console verbosity (0-6)
mseedindex-cmd mseedindex -sqlitebusyto 60000 Mseedindex command
mseedindex-workers 10 Number of mseedindex instances to run
leap True Use leap seconds file?
leap-expire 30 Number of days before refreshing leap seconds file
leap-file leap-seconds.list File for leap second data
leap-url URL for leap second data
web True Auto-start the download progress web server?
http-bind-address Bind address for HTTP server
http-port 8000 Port for HTTP server
email   Address for completion status
email-from noreply@rover From address for email
smtp-address localhost Address of SMTP server
smtp-port 25 Port for SMTP server