• rover index - will re-index any files that have been modified since they were last indexed.

  • rover index --all - will re-index all files.

  • rover summary - will generate a summary of the index.

(all these commands should be called automatically by rover retrieve)

Ingest of Local Data

  • rover ingest file.mseed - will include a file from the local filesystem into the repository.

    WARNING: Repeated use of this command with the same file will result in duplicated data in the repository.


  • rover list-index count - will give the number of entries in the index.

  • rover list-index net=XX join - will show the timespan coverage for all data belonging to the given network.

  • rover list-summary net=XX - will show the overall (earliest to latest) voerage for all data belonging to the given network (in general, rover list-summary will run much more quickly that rover list-index because it uses a pre-computed summary table).